Tape & Film Transfer

Tape & Film Transfer Service

Video tapes just like Cine Films are fast becoming a thing of the past and It is now a fact that manufacturers are no longer making players for these formats. In fact, it can be a very daunting task trying to find a professional company that can transfer both formats to Digital format. So what happens to all your old tapes and films now? How do you get to watch all those precious memories recorded all those years ago with your family and friends? Well this is where Imagekeepers can help.

Let us transfer all your old Tapes and Cine Films into digital video format. This will not only halt the deterioration of those old tapes and films, but will preserve your memories for you and your families to enjoy for many years to come.

We have specialist equipment that can not only Transfer, but also (if required) enhance your footage before sending to a compatible digital storage media of your choice… DVD, USB, and most other Media Devices. Once completed you will have the ability via your chosen media to relive all those special memories from the comfort of your armchair.

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Full Size VHS-SVHS Video Tape

Up to 180 mins each to DVD

Up to 180 mins each to MP4

Mini-DV, Digital-8, Hi-8, Video-8, VHS-C

Up to 90 mins each to DVD

Up to 90 mins each to MP4

Cine Film, Standard 8mm or Super 8mm

3 Inch (50 foot reel) to DVD

3 Inch (50 foot reel) to MP4

5 Inch ( 200 ft reel ) to DVD

5 Inch ( 200 ft reel ) to MP4

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