Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

In some circumstances we may not be able to scan one or more images for reasons listed below:

1.    Photos given to us in sealed pages such as Albums.
2.    Photos that may be less than 30mm x30 mm in size.
3.    Images larger than A4 size.
4.    Photos that may be in Frames, Mounts or Laminated.
5.    Images that may have any sort of Adhesive, Tack, Staple, or Clips attached.
6.    Images that have been specially Cut-Out, or Odd Shapes.
7.    Photos that are badly Damaged, Faded, or Corners broken.
8.    Photos that may be under Copyright and without Permission given by the photographer.
9.    Images that are completely Out of Focus or Badly Framed.
10.  Images that may contain Inappropriate or offensive content.
11.   Video Footage that is under copyright to the producer of the film without His/Her consent in writing.

Any image that is deemed Unsuitable for scanning will be ignored and not charged.

Would you like your Pictures scanned in a particular order ?
We are happy to scan your images into your chosen order and into separate folders at no extra cost, but it is your
responsibility to number each one before handing them over to us and to pack each batch safely into separate packages.

Video or Film Transfer
We can only transfer tapes or films that have been stored correctly and in good condition. We cannot be held responsible for snapped tapes or film due to deterioration or inadequate film splicing or joining.
We can transfer most popular format tapes, but we sometimes get requests for Non-Standard formats. We will try to help.

How to pack them
Ensure all Photographs or Video Tapes are packed neatly in a strong container or Sealed Envelope/Box.
Fill your container with cushioning material like bubble-wrap, screwed up paper, or polystyrene chips, to prevent your originals from moving around during shipping.
Please do not use shredded paper as this can be very dusty and can make scanning much harder to manage.
Make sure you include all contact and delivery details.

Next Steps
We recommend you deliver your photo’s by hand to avoid damage in transit. In some cases we are happy to collect and deliver for a small fee.  Depending on how busy we are at the time of receiving your photographs will depend on how long we will take to process all orders. If our services are for a special occasion  we will endeavour to process as soon as possible.

To discuss your requests and for any further information you require, please contact Alan on 07515 382371